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  • HCQ Reinforced Grinding Mill

    Upgrade Product of Traditional Raymond Mill.
    Capacity: 1.5-13t/h
    Fineness: 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh)

  • HLMX Superfine Vertical Mill

    Top equipment of superfine powder large-scale producing. Breaking through the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing capacity. Your best choice for large-scale production of ultrafine powder.

  • R-Series Roller Mill

    Raymond Mill - the originator of Pendulum Grinding Mill.
    Capacity: 0.3-20t/h
    Fineness: 0.18-0.038mm

  • HC Large Grinding Mill

    HC3000-Super-Large Pendulum Mill in Asia, Technical Revolution of Pendulum Mill Industry, Upgraded Production of Traditional Raymond Mill.

Ultra-large Type Calcium Hydroxide Production Line

Guilin Hong Cheng new type calcium hydroxide production line which is based on technology innovation, trial & error and the improvement of the traditional production line in the market. New generation ultra-large type calcium hydroxide production line with several patents, energy conservation, eco-friendliness, high efficiency. Throughput: 30t/h.

Equipment Features

HC digestive apparatus

  • Feeding: Accurate feeding.
  • Water distribution:
    1.Accurate water distribution system.
    2.Hot water lime slaking with faster speed.
  • Dust collecting effect: Pulse bag-type dust collector, 99.9% dust collecting rate is guaranteed.
  • Emergency plan: Emergency material discharging system in case of sudden power cut.
  • Discharging residue: First round discharging at the tail end of digestive apparatus to improve the purity of calcium hydroxide.

HC calcium hydroxide powder mill

  • Output: 30t/h.
  • Power capacity: 156KW.
  • Energy consumption: 4-6 KWH /ton.
  • Grain size of the finished product: 80-600meshes, even particle size.

  • Discharging residue: Can meet customer’s demand for accurate discharging.
  • Floor space: Space saving.

Guilin Hong Cheng environmental protection equipment technology Co.,Ltd provides professional solution for deep processing of lime.

Customer Cases & Reviews

1.Power plant desulphurization case No.1----Some calcium industry group

Raw materials: Limestone.
Fineness of the finished product: 325 mesh D96.
Equipment model and number: 2 sets of HC1700.
Annual output of equipment: 140,000 tons (2 sets).
Customer Reviews: "I have been cooperate with Guilin Hongcheng for many times, we are very satisfied, Hongcheng's desulphurization equipment was as fortress with high technical content, fast service efficiency, equipment system optimization and upgrading speed is also very fast, it can follow the industry development demand, each link of the control efforts are in place, has brought very considerable benefits for our company. Thank you very much for the advanced equipment of Hongcheng."

2. Power plant desulphurization case No.2----Some chemical group

Raw materials: Limestone.
Fineness of the finished product: 325 mesh D96.
Equipment model and number: 8 sets of HC1700.
Annual output of equipment: 920,000 tons (8 sets).
Customer Reviews: " As an old friend of many years of cooperation, the quality and service quality of Hongcheng is naturally the best. After a few years of deep cooperation, we find that the biggest feature of Hong Cheng is to serve the customers by heart, to solve practical difficulties with no bragging, no exaggerate, not boast, to do things honestly and to be sincere to people. To work steadfast and steady, and this is just the virtue of this strength, the more than 10 grinding machine provided by Hong Cheng has showing outstanding performance in our company's desulfurization power plant, calcium carbonate ultrafine powder processing project."

Our experienced engineers can adjust the configuration of equipment accordingly based on the test grinding data result& mineral features, and they can provide scientific & reasonable model choosing scheme.