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HC1700 Grinding Mill - 500,000t/year manganese powder producing project in Guizhou

Model: 6 sets of HC1700 Grinding Mills

Material: manganese carbonate

Fineness: 100 mesh

Capacity: 8-14t/h

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Case Details

The customer enterprise locates in south-west of China. The enterprise is practicing manganese powder processing. Guizhou Province of China is a large manganese processing area with rich resources. The customer owned a manganese processing workshop equipping traditional 4R Mills. The old mills are simple and crude with low capacity, high energy consumption, high failure rate and high pollution. The customer decided to purchase HC1700 Large Grinding Mills to construct brand new manganese production lines. This is the 10th HC1700 manganese production line of Guilin Hongcheng. The Manganese Mills started operation in early 2008. The new equipment has high capacity, low pollution and low energy consumption, and can also realize unmanned and dust-free operation.

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