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Guilin Hongcheng’s first grinding mill in the New Year!

Release date: 2024-02-23 11:37:36

Guilin Hongcheng's first grinding mill in the new Year, the HCQ1850 improved Raymond mill, was fully assembled and launched. Hongcheng delivered the high-quality mill to customers, fulfilling its solemn promise to customers, and marking a good start for Hongcheng on the first day of construction!

New year, new sail, and everything is off to a good start! At 8:18 on February 18, the sound of firecrackers sounded, indicating that construction was about to begin! Hongcheng people lined up neatly and solemnly welcomed the first collective morning meeting of the Lunar New Year.

The fighting spirit burns in the heart, and the passion is as strong as fire. We welcome new opportunities and challenges with full confidence, roll up our sleeves and work hard with a high-spirited attitude, devote ourselves to work and start a new journey of struggle! Chairman Rong Dongguo delivered a speech, unfolding his ambitions in the machinery workshop, boosting morale, answering with struggle, and jointly drawing a new chapter of Hongcheng's efficient and high-quality development.

The Year of the Dragon begins a new year and we embark on a new journey together. The company specially sent auspicious candies and start-up red envelopes to all Hongcheng people, welcoming the start of the Year of the Dragon with a full sense of ceremony, encouraging everyone to be full of energy and move forward firmly towards the goal!