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Nonmetal Processing Industries have Stress and Opportunity

Release date: 1970-01-01 08:00:00

Along with the rapid growth of economy, especially the energy saving and environmental protection advocated in the industry production. The status of the development of nonmetal material processing becomes more and more impressive, the related fields also draw the attention of government departments.

On March 4, 2016, the National Security Supervision Bureau issued the Prohibited Devices and Technology Catalog of Metal and Nonmetal Mines (second batch) and the Advanced and Safe Practice Devices and Technology Promotion Catalog of Metal and Nonmetal Mines (first batch).

The prohibit catalog is based on the related laws, standards and the lowest safety production request, and teasing the operating technologies and facilities of mines, then select the technologies and facilities with high accident rate and cannot ensure the safety production of mines. The promotion catalog is based on the mechanization, informatization and automation level of mines, focus on the key link of restraint accidents of metal and nonmetal mines, and select a batch of advanced technologies and facilities which are used for safety production.

In the latest two years, China had issued many policies on metal and nonmetal mines. The force to reorganize mines is being larger and larger. The government also announced many requests on metal and nonmetal reasonable exploration and utilization.

There is a great variety of nonmetal ores. In modern industrial production, many kinds of nonmetal ores, after grinding and purification, can be made as the substitutes of some non-renewable resources and environmental polluted materials. These technologies can reduce the production cost and environmentally friendly.

As a professional grinding mill and other powder processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, Guilin Hongcheng will continue develop powder processing facilities which are more environmentally friendly and have higher automaticity, in order to full fill the facility and technology requests of future transformation and development of nonmetal ore powder processing enterprises.