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Warmly celebrate the grand opening of Guilin Hongcheng Northwest Office!

The opening was full of joy, and the business was well underway. On March 18, 2024, Guilin Hongcheng held a grand opening ceremony for its northwest office in Ningxia, marking the further deepening of Hongcheng's development in the northwest market. Vice Chairman of Guilin Hongcheng Rong Beiguo, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Rong Xinguo, hea...

Guilin Hongcheng’s first grinding mill in the New Year!

Guilin Hongcheng's first grinding mill in the new Year, the HCQ1850 improved Raymond mill, was fully assembled and launched. Hongcheng delivered the high-quality mill to customers, fulfilling its solemn promise to customers, and marking a good start for Hongcheng on the first day of construction! New year, new sail, and everything is off to a good...

2024-02-23 DETAILS
HCM Machinery Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was officially unveiled!

On January 15, the unveiling ceremony of HCM Machinery Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park was held grandly. Founder Mr. Rong Pingxun, Vice Chairman Mr. Rong Beiguo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Rong Xinguo and the company's middle and senior management attended the ceremony and jointly witnessed this important moment of Guilin H...

2024-01-16 DETAILS

Industry News

Comprehensive Utilization of Granite Powder

The comprehensive utilization of granite powder is mainly concentrated in industrial raw materials, imitation stone coatings, building ceramics, concrete, etc. Stone powder mainly comes from the dry product of saw mud produced during the sawing process, fine particles produced by natural weathering of accumulated stone scraps, and sediments in the ...

Comparison of industrial silicon powder processing equipment

As a manufacturer of industrial silicon powder processing equipment, Guilin Hongcheng has Raymond mill, vertical mill and ring roller mill to choose from. The grinding process and grinding equipment determine the particle size and particle composition of silicon powder. The grinding equipment currently available for selection includes vertical mil...

Phosphorus slag powder production process for concrete

In recent years, phosphorus slag powder has been widely used in concrete, which has made the phosphorus slag powder production market booming. As a manufacturer of phosphorus slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng's phosphorus slag vertical mills are the main equipment for producing phosphorus slag powder. Today we will introduce to you the producti...

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