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Hongcheng Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park Has Been Successfully Put Into Operation!

On the morning of March 17th, the casting workshop of HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) Baoshan Smart Equipment Industrial Park held a grand ceremony for the first batch of molten steel casting. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) nurtures its original intention with craftsmanship and promotes large-scale production by building Baoshan Smart Equipment Industrial...

Hongcheng Grinding Mill Refreshed Testing Data

After decades of trails and hardships, Guilin Hongcheng has grown to a powerful powder processing equipment manufacturer from a little casting factory. All these depending on the technology development strategic direction of Guilin Hongcheng. Recently, a breaking news came from a customer site in South-Asia. Two sets of ultra-fine mills reached an ...

2016-03-07 DETAILS
Hongcheng Grinding Mill Step Out the Country Once Again

It is the coldest day of China, but Hongcheng people over came all difficulties and finished the producing of HC1300 Grinding Mill. In the cold winter, the loaded trunks were driven out of the company. But this time, the HC1300 Grinding Mill will be delivered to the far away Africa. Of cause, this is not the first Hongcheng equipment delivered to A...

2016-03-02 DETAILS

Industry News

What is the effect of adding calcium powder to non-woven fabrics after being processed by a heavy calcium grinding mill? Standard for production of non-woven fabrics with added calcium

Ultrafine calcium carbonate, as a widely used inorganic powder filler, can greatly reduce costs and increase efficiency when used in the production of non-woven fabrics. So, what is the effect of adding calcium powder to non-woven fabrics? What are the standards for adding calcium to the production of non-woven fabrics? The following will be answer...

Waste porcelain powder recycling production waste porcelain powder slurry | Waste porcelain powder grinding mill available for sale

In the process of ceramic production, it is inevitable to produce substandard products. If these substandard products are treated as solid waste, it will not only be difficult to handle, but also greatly increase production costs. Therefore, it is imperative to reuse the waste porcelain after crushing. As a manufacturer of waste porcelain powder gr...

New Technology of Ceramic Raw Material Vertical Mill

At present, the grinding equipment in ceramic industry is mainly ball mill. The ball mill is the earliest and most commonly used grinding equipment. The biggest disadvantage of the ball mill is that it has less useful work and low efficiency. Generally speaking, improving the mechanical performance of the ball mill from the aspect of mechanical str...

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