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Service Promise

Originate from the responsibility of the society, Guilin Hongcheng take the lead in the powder processing equipment field. Guided by the creed of “Responsibility is the career”, Guilin Hongcheng is responsible to the society, staff and customers, and realized the
sustainable development of the enterprise.

To the customers

We are taking efforts to create reproducible value chains for our customers, and growing up along with our customers. Guilin Hongcheng starts with law-abiding, observation of business morality, conforming to social ethics, obeying company stipulates and rules to carry out the work. We insist the rule of “Customer first,service foremost”, working hard to offer full-scale, individualized and professional products and service for our customers, and preserve the trust and fidelity of our customers with high-quality products and service.

1. Customer feedback
At present, Guilin Hongcheng had offered powder processing services for over 6000 enterprises. We insist service foremost and integrity guarantee. In order to full fill the increasing demands of our customers, Guilin Hongcheng continuously innovating in product, service and technology, and won the trust and support of the customers. Guilin Hongcheng promises 100% quality guarantee for customers, helping enterprises to develop faster. We had also built the CRM system and product database, and offers after-sales service and greater value-added service for our customers.

2. Customer service activity
Guilin Hongcheng do not only offer momentary service but long-term cooperation. While offering high-quality service for customers, Guilin Hongcheng improved and perfected the after-sales service system. Service items including previous capital construction, training, installation, test-run, consult, complaint, telephone hot line, etc.

To the staff

Guilin Hongcheng is a platform for the staff to improve life quality, to learn and to develop. Guilin Hongcheng attaches importance to the learning, improving and health welfare guarantee of our staff, and offers a healthy work environment and atmosphere, in order to pay our staff back and get a improving life quality. Along with the fast development of the company, Guilin Hongcheng focus on the career development of the staff, and offers plenty of spaces for the staff to realize the personal value. Only if the company take charge of the staff, the staff offers tribute and develop in the company, the staff value and company value can grow together.

Guilin Hongcheng believe that in order to achieve the sustainable development of the company, we should assume certain responsibility of the society. As a company of aspiration, Guilin Hongcheng always assume the obligation of the society, devoting to make contributions to the economy growth and society development of China. Since the foundation, Guilin Hongcheng always reverse feeding the society in a thankful heart, actively involve in various social and public welfare undertakings, and set the charitable foundation, fulfill the responsibility in environmentally protection, education and red-cross fields. This is also an important embodiment of Hongcheng’s society value.




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