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HLMX1700 ultra-fine vertical mill helps create an ultra-fine powder production line!

Model: 1 set of HLMX1700 Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

Material: calcium oxide

Fineness: 1250 mesh

Capacity: 8-18t/h

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[Selected Cases] HCM HLMX1700 ultra-fine vertical mill helps create an ultra-fine powder production line! Promote the development of high-end calcium carbonate

Ultra-fine vertical mill is the main grinding equipment in our country's ultra-fine powder processing industry and is crucial for the processing of ultra-fine powder of non-metallic minerals. HCM's HLMX series ultra-fine vertical mill has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, intelligence and environmental protection. It is favored by customers and has a high share in the high-end ultra-fine powder market.

01 Customer situation

A company in Henan is a comprehensive powder production enterprise. The enterprise has identified the superior performance advantages of HCM's HLMX series ultra-fine vertical mill. The equipment meets its company's high-end application requirements for large-scale and refined ultra-fine powder, and quickly purchased a batch of ultra-fine vertical mills.

02 Project Overview

Recently, news came from customers in Henan that the 1,250-mesh calcium carbonate production line built by HCM Machinery was successfully put into operation. The operation is stable, the data is qualified, and the products meet the standards and production! Customers have reported good results and will continue to cooperate with HCM to meet production expansion needs.

Processing materials: calcium carbonate
Downstream used in high-end inks, new sealing materials, degradable plastics, etc.

Finished product particle size: 1250 mesh D97
Contains secondary grading system, 2 micron contains 60-70%

Equipment used: HLMX1700
Ultra-fine grinding equipment, won multiple technology patents

03 HLMX Advantages

HLMX series ultra-fine vertical mill is a large-scale ultra-fine vertical mill equipment developed by HCM on the basis of HLM vertical mill. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classification and transportation, and can replace imported equipment, is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder with high efficiency, high yield, environmental protection and energy saving.

*Efficient powder extraction

The roller sleeve and liner grinding curve designed for ultra-fine powder grinding can easily form a material layer, and the one-time grinding yield is high.

*High intelligence

Using PLC fully automatic control system, remote control can be realized, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and reduce labor costs.

**High yield and energy saving

The single machine has a large production capacity, with an output of up to 50t/h; it can utilize low-peak electricity and save 30-50% energy than ordinary mills.

*stable quality

It has high whiteness and purity, uniform particle shape, narrow particle size distribution, small cut point, good fluidity and strong adaptability.

*Wear-resistant and environmentally friendly

The equipment is made of special materials, high quality, more wear-resistant, and has a long service life; the new grinding roller sealing device ensures reliable sealing, no need for a sealing fan, and less dust spillage.

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