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Guilin Hong Cheng has rich production experience of coarse whiting as well as first class level of R&D and manufacture of coarse whiting. Guilin Hong Cheng can customize high quality HC pendulum mill, HCH ultrafine ring roller mill,HLMX ultrafine vertical mill etc. which can produce 325、400、800、1250、1500、2000 meshes powder with high application value. Guilin Hong Cheng HC pendulum mill, HCH ultrafine ring roller mill, HLMX ultrafine vertical mill etc. which has the advantages of higher output, lower energy consumption, lower maintenance cost, higher level of automation, less pollution etc. compared with traditional mill can make more profits for customers.

Guilin Hong Cheng has experienced & skilled technicians and engineers who can provide design scheme, workshop plan, site selection, electric power support etc for customers. Our engineers also can customized production line according to some details such as material's features, investment cost, customer's demand for fineness, output,layout etc. to provide the most professional, suitable and economical production line solution plan for customers.

1、within 200 meshes : can be used as feed additives, calcium content is more than 55.6%, no harmful ingredient.

2、250-300 meshes : can be used as raw material in plastics factory, rubber factory, coating material factory, waterproof material factory as well as inner & outer wall painting, whiteness is above 85 .

3、350-400 meshes : can be used in the areas of pinch plate production, pipes, chemical engineering. whiteness is above 93.

4、400-600 meshes : can be used in the areas of tooth paste production,soap; whiteness is above 94.

5、800 meshes : can be used in the areas of plastics , rubber, cable, PVC filling agent.whiteness is above94.

6、1250 meshes : can be used in the areas of pvc, PE, oil paint, coating material, papermaking base coating & top coating, whiteness is above95, high purity & whiteness,  nonpoisonous, odourless, low hardness, low fine oil.

7、Calcium carbonate can be used as calcium supplement, Calcium carbonate’s absorption rate is 39% which is lower than that of calcium citrate malate, it is soluble in gastric acid. Calcium carbonate is the most widely used calcium supplement.

8、Calcium carbonate is alkaline, it is usually used to improve acid soil.

9、Can be used to produce carbon dioxide in lab.


After adjusting & testing the equipment, our engineers will train related personnel to ensure proper daily maintenance, Guilin Hong Cheng will provide training services for customers from time to time.

Acceptance check of the project

Guilin Hong Cheng has a complete set of quality control system: the quality control of raw material, feeding material, welding, grit blast, assembling, trial run, painting etc. Composing the test method & test items of the raw material and main parts. Testing products according to international or industry standard, 100% trial run is guaranteed.
  Guilin Hong Cheng has professional installation team which can provide foundation excavation, installation of mainframe & auxiliary machinery. The process of the installation and adjusting & testing which is institutionalized and professional is carried out according to the practical situation, hence it is more targeted and lots of time can be saved. Customers can supervise the overall installation process. We provide 24 hours full time services which include repairing devices, replacing parts, relocation of equipment, adjusting & testing equipment etc. Guilin Hong Cheng always follows the principle of "quality is the base of survival, service is the source of development". We provide not only equipment but also integrated solution. Our ultimate goal is to create win-win development.

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